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Surfboard Wall Rack (Modular)

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Brand: Nice Rack
Price: $29.95
Qualified orders over $90 ship free!

Product Description

Surfboard rack and more

Great as a Snowboard Rack, Wakeboard Rack, or Kiteboard Rack!

Expandable surf rack system

Adding extra surfboard racks to your existing Nice Rack is a 'snap'. Nice Rack is the only expandable rack system on the market.

Use anywhere

Proudly show your boards in your home, garage, bedroom, board shop, shaping room, or merchandising display.


  • Add extra surfboard racks to your existing Nice Rack with a 'snap'. Nice Racks are designed to lock together to maximize space while remaining stylish. The only limit to the size of your rack is the size of your wall!
  • Each rack is made of high quality 100% RECYCLED ABS Plastics.
  • The top of each rack is foam padded to protect your board from dings and blemishes.
  • The two piece system is designed to maximize strength and allow the rack to be easily moved to another wall.
  • The Nice Rack system was designed with shortboards in mind, MOUNTING BOARDS GREATER THAN 25 lbs IN WEIGHT IS NOT RECOMMENDED. Please see our longboard and SUP racks to store these boards!
  • Purchasing a Quad Rack makes you eligible for FREE SHIPPING (USA only)

Visit our FAQ page for even more product specifications and answers to commonly asked questions

 A common question we get at Nice Rack is, “what's the best way to store your surfboard?” The answer is easy, create space by throwing them on a wall rack! After a few years of surfing many people find themselves with a pile of surfboards. To these people we say the same thing, use a board rack. The Nice Rack Modular Rack was developed to adapt to the amount of surfboards our friends and customers needed to store. The concept was simple, yet no one else had put it into action. That's when surfer, shaper, and engineer Darryl Matsui launched Nice Rack. Matsui's racks were affordable, easy to install and snapped together so no matter how many surfboards you had, you could easily find a way to store them.

Matsui passed the company and its mission on to friend and neighbor Michael Russell. Today The Nice Rack still has at its core the goal of providing the most versatile, affordable and quality Surfboard Racks. The Modular Surfboard Rack is its solution for storing shortboards, funboards, fishes, and other boards indoors and out. Whether you want to store your board in the garage, or display it proudly in your room the modular rack should be your go-to.

How many surfboards do you need to store? Because Nice Rack has you covered. Each system starts with the basic unit of the “Single Rack.” The Single Rack will hold one surfboard, but it's always an option to add more. Double Racks hold two boards, Triples Racks hold three, and Quads Racks hold four. Each time you add a rack we you save money! And the Quad Rack holding four boards is not the limit! You can stack as many Nice Rack Modular Racks together as you'd like. We've had friends and customers send us pictures of Racks holding more than eight surfboards!

As you might imagine from the example of a surfboard rack holding eight boards, Nice Rack Modular Racks are valuable to surf-shop owners and shapers. We have even provided racks sponsored surfers and board collectors! A great way to insure that your board will perform is to keep it safe and ding-free in a Nice Rack. When you're ready to put your quiver of surfboards in a truly deluxe set-up, Modular Wall Racks are the way to go.

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Product Reviews

  1. Excellent Racks! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Oct 2014

    I have several racks to hold my quiver. They are set up in my garage. I love them. They save space, are sturdy enough to hold my boards, and make it easy to access them. They are also safe too, so I don't have to worry about my boards getting damaged.