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Use anywhere

Home, garage, bedroom, board shops, shaping rooms, merchandising displays, etc.

Surfboard rack and more!

Use as Snowboard Rack, Wakeboard Rack, or Kiteboard Rack, too!

Expandable wall surf rack system

Easily add extra surboard racks to your existing Nice Rack in a 'snap'.

Surfboard wall racks
Recycled Made in USA

Nice Racks now made of 100% recycled ABS plastic.

All packaging and shipping waste are recycled.

Packaging Materials used for shipping are re-used materials.

Great Price! Starting at $29.95!

Modular Racks

Nice Rack surfboard wall racks are made from high quality ABS Plastics and their unique two-piece design enables the wall mount to be securely fastened with direct access to the mounting screws.

The equipment support arm uses a structural ribbed and tapered design to maximize strength and stiffness and its connection system makes installation a “snap”. Protective foam adhesive tape covers both the wall mount and supporting arm to protect your surf, snow, wake, or kite board from scratches and dings.

Adding additional wall surfboard racks can be easily accomplished by simply linking additional wall mounts to the already installed system, leaving the number of surf racks that can be installed limited only by the height of the wall. Top and bottom wall mount end caps complete the installation and give the Nice Rack a finished look. Nice Rack can be used as snowboard, wakeboard, or kiteboard storage racks too.

Heavy Duty Surfboard Racks
SUP Rack Made in USA

Protect your stick

New Sup Racks Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Surfboard Racks

Super Strong to support your heaviest boards

High Quality

Built with high quality steel and nitrile foam.

Weather Resistant

Weather resistant for indoor and outdoor use

Installation Complete!

All installation hardware included

Great Price! Starting at $47.00!

Heavy Duty Variation

Nice Rack is proud to announce a new line of Heavy Duty surf racks. Designed to hold even the heaviest stand up paddle and longboards, these racks are made with super strong steel and covered by soft protective nitrile foam. The final product is the perfect blend of strength and style.

Covered with high quality nitrile foam for protection and powder-coated black, these racks are both functional and good looking. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. These materials proved the best in testing because the rack is soft enough to cushion a board but rugged enough to endure the elements. As a stamp of quality, each rack is branded with a Nice Rack vinyl end cap.

Each Heavy Duty Rack is packaged ready-to-go as a set of (2) arms with heavy duty mounting screws. Customers may choose from three variations: Angle, Horizontal, and Ceiling. Each style suits a specific purpose. All three design variations maximize storage space providing relief for those worried about bringing such a large board into their home.

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