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SUP Ceiling Rack

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Brand: Nice Rack
Price: $59.00
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Product Description

The Nice Rack SUP Surfboard Ceiling Rack is super strong. These HEAVY DUTY racks are built to support extra large SUP surfboards and longboards, Equiped with quality nitrile foam for soft cushioning and powder-coated for moisture protection, these racks are durable and weather resistant. Perfect for indoor/outdoor use. Sold in pairs.


  • High quality nitrile foam tube cushioning to protect your surfboard
  • All-steel, heavy duty construction
  • Sturdy 1" diameter steel Support Arms
  • Powder coat finish - matte black
  • Branded Nice Rack Logo Vinyl End Caps


  • Sold in Pairs
  • Use Indoor/Outdoor
  • Heavy-duty lag bolts are included to provide secure installation
  • Will fit SUPs with rails up to 6" thick

Dimensions (see image above):

  • Total Length 47"
  • Height 13" 

First of all we have to address the fact that SUPs are SUMO heavy. How are you going to store that thing? Above your head might be the last place you want that giant board, that is until you meet the Nice Rack Ceiling SUP Rack. You'll never have to worry about your board falling down once its in the loving arms of this heavyweight champ. We think that you'll see storing a SUPs in an entirely new way once you realize you can put them UP and out of the way! Whether you choose to mount this rack in your house or in your garage you can sleep soundly at night knowing that you're board is safe and completely out of the way. 

Many proud new SUP owners find themselves with a storage dilemna once they get their board home. Leaving boards outside in the sun and rain will weaken their material; chances are you dropped some cash on that board, show it some love and get it racked right. What is the best SUP rack for your home or garage? If you're tight on wall space, or simply want to maximize what room you've got we suggest installing some Nice Rack SUP Racks overhead. If you mount them in your garage they cars will fit perfectly underneath, when you're ready to surf just set them on the roof of your truck car or SUV and you're ready to go. 

How do overhead racks work? The design for our SUP ceiling racks is simple, strong and proven. Each rack is shaped like a "U." One side of this "U" is securely mounted to a rafter in your ceiling. Lift your board up and rest it in the bottom of the "U" and your done! The durable nitrile foam will protect your SUP from dings and damage, and look darn sexy while doing it. At Nice Rack we've found that storing boards overhead frees up a great deal of space and helps keep a room clean. Imagine how stoked the people you live with will be when they don't have to trip over that giant paddle board of yours!

Nice Rack Heavy Duty Ceiling Racks are just as easy to install as wall racks. How easy is that? VERY. All the parts you will need are included. Be sure to take a moment to appreciate the 4x heavy-duty lag bolts we've thrown in becuase they're sure to hold your rack in place. Always be sure to mount your rack to a rafter in your ceiling, this will ensure that your rack is sturdy. Drilling pilot holes is a great time saver, and to get your racks perfectly aligned we suggest doing a little measuring. 

Tip: When mounting heavy SUPs overhead consider having a friend help you. We use teamwork too, Nice Rack Heavy Duty Ceiling Racks come in pairs. 

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