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Inno Locking Surf Rack

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Brand: Inno
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Product Description

Key Details:

  • Holds 3 shortboards or 2 longboards. Keys and locks included.
  • Ratcheting mechanism for secure tightening
  • Rubber coated stainless steel cable straps and rubber cushions keep boards secure without scratching the vehicle or boards
  • Crane floating strap system keeps straps for easy loading
  • Fits surfboards up to 24 inches max width. For oversized surboards and SUP boards we recommend the Inno INA444 Locker as a great alternative
  • Universal mounting system mounts to aftermarket square or round crossbars, as well as most factory crossbars. Note: For Yakima round cross bars require an adaptor (see below)


The Inno Boardlocker surf racks may very well be the BEST LOCKING SURF RACK on the market. Tired of worrying about your surfboards getting stolen while you grab some lunch or dip into the supermarket? Relax, there is now an easy way to lock your surfboards to your roof. The Inno locking mechanism is built right into the carrier eliminating the need for extra cables or straps. Just slide your surfboard in, tighten the ractheting system, and off you go with peace of mind knowing your surfboards are safe and secure.

The Inno Boardlocker Surf Racks are ridiculously easy to install. No tools required! The universal system conveniently connects to virtually all factory roof rack cross bars including Inno, Thule, and Yakima base rack load bars. Note: For Yakima base rack round cross bars, we suggest the Inno ISF715 round bar adapter kit (sold separately).

Loading your board on the roof is a breaze, as the 'floating' straps make it easy to slide your surfboard in and out. The racks are padded with soft rubber on both the top and bottom to provide for a tight grip without damaging your surfboard. Since no straps are required, this practically eliminates the humming noise typically associated with surf rack straps when traveling at high speeds. Note: Just make sure to ALWAYS lock them down to eliminate movement while driving.

Let's face it, surfboards are expensive these days and unfortunately crime happens. These reasonably priced locking surfboard racks may be the best investement you ever make. Get yours here today! Free Shipping within the continental U.S.


Is the Inno Locking Surf Rack for you?
If you have a car and do you like to surf, then the answer is yes! Having a solid rack on your car will make getting your gear from your garage to the outdoors easy! Spend less time with straps and tie-downs before and after surfing and spend more time in the water. Here's a guide to getting this awesome surfboard carrier onto your car truck or van.


The first thing to check is your vehicle's crossbars. Crossbars are bars raised a few inches above the top of your vehicle, they run from side to side. Often crossbars are attached to another structure which runs from front to back. If your vehicle already has crossbars, factory or installed, then you will have no problem attaching the Inno Locking Surf Rack. The surf rack will mount to round, square, and oval crossbars without any additional adapters! If you do have unusually large-in-diameter crossbars, fear not, Inno adapters are easy to add to your rack.

Tip: Be sure your crossbars are at least 20” apart

If you do not have crossbars you may want to consider adding some. They great for all types of applications, especially surf, snow, and sports equipment. Some after-market crossbars which will work great with Inno Racks are Thule and Yakima, and of course, Inno.

Step one: grab the instructions
Every Inno product sold on the Nice Rack website comes with detailed instructions for installing your racks. All the tools you will need are included with this step by step guide. We've installed these racks in under a half hour! The first step to abide by is checking to make sure you have all the components necessary.

Getting your board up
Inno surf racks are specially designed to keep the locking straps out of the way while you place your board on top of your car. When you're ready to lock the board down the straps will be in the perfect position to easily connect, tighten and lock. This means spending less awkward time leaning over the roof of your car or truck, and no more throwing straps back and forth!

Tip: We've found in our testing (aka surf trips) that longboards mounted fins-first will be less noisy as you're driving.

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