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Surfboard Ceiling Rack

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Brand: Nice Rack
Price: $55.00
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Product Description

The Nice Rack Ceiling Surfboard Rack is super strong. These HEAVY DUTY racks are built to support longboard surfboards. Equiped with quality nitrile foam for soft cushioning and powder-coated for moisture protection, these racks are durable and weather resistant. Perfect for indoor/outdoor use. Sold in pairs.


  • High quality nitrile foam tube cushioning to protect your surfboard
  • All-steel, heavy duty construction
  • Sturdy 1" diameter steel Support Arms
  • Powder coat finish - matte black
  • Branded Nice Rack Logo Vinyl End Caps


  • Sold in Pairs
  • Use Indoor/Outdoor
  • Heavy-duty lag bolts are included to provide secure installation


Let's face it, the best place to be with a surfboard is in the water. Our goal at Nice Rack is to make the best storage for your board when you get home. Whether you choose to store your board in your house or in your garage we think you'll find a whole lot of extra space available when you can mount your board rack on your rafter. 

Many people who purchase the standard ceiling rack choose to install it in their garage. There are several benefits to doing this: your board will be safe, out of the way, and easy to grab when you're ready to go surfing! This rack is designed for longboards, and fun-boards, but it will hold shortboards, hybrids, and old-school boards too. This rack also works great inside the house and makes a great space-saver. If you're ready to get your garage or home organized with the best looking ceiling surfboard rack, check out our installation guide below.

Step 1-Check List

The Nice Rack Heavy Duty Ceiling rack comes with all the parts you will need to get your board ready to hang, and best of all installation is EAZY. Be sure to check out the heavy duty lag bolts, we chose the strongest to match the toughness of the rack. Here are the parts that come with every ceiling rack:

2x Powder Coated Steel Arms
4x Heavy Duty Mounting Bolts

Step 2-Locate Rafters

The most important step in mounting your racks will be to make sure they are mounted to a secure surface. Most walls are covered with a soft-dry wall material, and this goes for ceilings too. Make sure you are mounting your racks to the rafters, structures behind the drywall layer of your ceiling. To find your rafters you may want to use a stud finder, or gently knock on the wall. Sometimes looking in the attic will help you find your rafters.

Step 3-Measure & Mount

Once your rafters have been located, decide how far apart you want to space your racks. Don't forget pilot holes, they will guide the bolt as you tighten your rack.

Tip: get one one bolt loosely in place and use it to guide the drilling of your second pilot hole.

Using a ratchet tighten the bolts through the rack into your pilot holes. Make sure the rack is snug, but DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. Repeat the process of securing the first arm for the second, and your new Nice Rack Ceiling Surfboard Rack is ready for action! Using a ladder or sturdy step-stool place your board flat in the arms. When desired grab it and head for the beach!

Tip: Some longboards can be heavy and hard to mount by yourself. While standing on the ladder or step-stool have a friend pass you the surfboard.

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